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Live Remote Delivery

Live Remote delivery is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to classroom training. Using collaborative technology, this instructor-led environment allows you to participate in live training events from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You receive the same content—taught by the same expert instructors—as in-person classes. Watch live demonstrations, listen to lectures, practice hands-on lab exercises, ask questions, and receive feedback just as you would in a conventional class, but with the following benefits:

Most Wind River® training courses and Wind River Mentoring are available for Live Remote delivery.

Live Remote Technical Requirements

Before Your Live Remote Class Begins

Five business days before the course starts, an email will be sent to each registered student identifying the required activities to be carried out before the class begins. If you do not receive it, or you lose your Live Remote class login, contact us at

Live Remote Test Instructions

Read the Wind River Education Services Terms and Conditions.

Live Remote Test Instructions

The following are some of the pre-course tests:

Every Wednesday, 15-minute meetings are held:

To join the teleconference, call 1-913-904-9836 worldwide, or use local numbers.

The conference code is 535 92 54.

To join the online meeting, go to Your instructor will provide the meeting number. Click Join and follow the instructions.

Failing to pretest your system and order books prior to the course start date will adversely affect your learning experience. If you are unable to do so, you should consider registering for a later offering.

Hands-on environments are provided by ReadyTech, a performance leader in hosted IT training lab environments.

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