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Wind River Unleashing Android on the Embedded Device Market

The Fast Path to the World's Most Comprehensive Application Development Solutions

Building Next-Generation Data Plane Applications Starts with Wind River

Wind River has the world's most comprehensive solutions portfolio for fast-path application development with Intel Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) on Intel processors. Customers building next-generation, high-performance communications applications now have access to Wind River's award-winning global technical support and expert design services regardless of their underlying operating systems. Whether you have your own Linux and are building the entire software stack, are already a Wind River Linux customer and focusing your efforts on application development, or are in need of a fully integrated and optimized data plane system, we have a solution that meets your needs.

World-Class, Award-Winning Support

Wind River offers both standard and premium Intel DPDK support packages that give developers access to a team of experts when they need it, in their time zone, and in their preferred language. Utilizing Wind River's world-class support organization can significantly reduce project risk and help ensure deployment success. Standard support is included in Wind River Linux. Learn more >

Quick-Start Training and Education

Wind River offers training and mentoring classes for getting up to speed on Intel DPDK application development. Our expert-led training courses cover key topics such as Intel DPDK architecture, APIs, and integration with Linux. Wind River training and education courses can significantly reduce project risks and accelerate time-to-market.
Learn more >

Design Experts and

Wind River has a team of technical experts ready to assist you with any Intel DPDK application or system development need. Our engineers can help with full system design, integration with existing applications, performance optimizations, and porting, or serve as an extension to your existing project team. Wind River Professional Services can help ensure project realization and enable market success. Learn more >

Integrated, Optimized, and Off-the-Shelf

Wind River Linux comes pre-integrated and optimized with Intel DPDK libraries. We have also integrated our industry-leading carrier-grade Linux distribution with a number of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware systems running Intel architecture processors. Customers can leverage these COTS systems to quickly build fast-path data plane applications. Learn more >



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