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PC/104 62 Point Isolated Digital I/O  (961)

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The PC/104 62 Point Isolated Digital I/O board offers 62 channels of digital I/O points designed for 5, 24 or 28 VDC application usage. Standard configurations come with 20 opto-isolators inputs and 20 solid-state relays outputs capable of switching AC or DC up to 300 mA, as well as 16 logic-level input/outputs and six input jumpers. Three standard factory preset configurations are available to accommodate ideal voltage requirements for industrial control, vehicle, or aircraft applications to isolate the PC/104 stack from the controlled devices, such as with Opto-22 Solid State Module racks. Configurations include:

· PRV-0648X-01 - 5 VDC Usage - (510 Ohm Scaling Resistors)

· PRV-0648X-03 - 24 VDC Usage - (2.0 kOhm Scaling Resistors)

· PRV-0648X-08 - 28 VDC Usage - (2.4 kOhm Scaling Resistors)

Two 50-pin headers provide connections to two banks of 20 isolated I/O points each, which are arranged in pairs for use with twisted pair or ribbon cabling. All I/O points power up disabled and as inputs. All 16-bit bus interrupts can be generated by matches or changes to a known pattern, according to loaded bit oriented mask, compare, and data direction registers. Snapshots of the boards entire digital I/O image can be sampled and modified by software.

All I/O points are socketed for easy field replacement. Sets of 20 Input ICs (4N35 Opto-isolator) or Output ICs (AQV203 Solid-state Relay) are available to support other I/O configurations. Field changes of the isolated points are accomplished by installing an opto-isolator or solid-state relay in the corresponding I/O socket, changing the hardware jumper and configuring the software for input or output.

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