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SpacePC CPU-1432 (PC/104-Plus Fanless 266MHz Geode GX1)  (961)
Rugged, Fanless Pentium-Class Embedded Computer

Product Highlights

• Product: SpacePC 1432
• Form Factor: PC/104-Plus (3.550" x 3.775")
• Bus: PCI and ISA
• Processor: 64-Bit AMD Geode GX1 @ 266MHz (Pentium MMX like)
• Chipset: Geode CS5530A, SMC FD37B782
• RAM: 128MB SDRAM (Soldered Onboard)
• Operating Temp: -40C to +85C (Fanless)
• OS Compatibility: Supports Windows® 95/98/NT/XP/2000/CE, ROM-DOS, QNX®, VxWork®, Linux®
• Video: SVGA CRT and LCD-TFT Interfaces
• Serial Ports: 1 RS-232, 1 RS232/422/485
• USB: 1 USB 1.0 Port
• Network: 10/100MBps Network Controller)
• Parallel Port: Bi-Directional EPP-ECP-SPP
• Audio: AC97 Audio Sound Port
• EIDE Controller: Supports Solid State Disk (i.e. DiskOnModule, CompactFlash, ATA Flash)
• Mouse & Keyboard: PS/2 Interface, PC/AT Keyboard Interface
• Floppy Disk Controller: Multiplexed with Parallel Port
• Miscellaneous: Auxiliary Power Connector; Watchdog Timer and Real Time Clock

Product Description

The SpacePC® CPU-1432 Series is a fanless, Pentium® MMX class computer in the PC/104-Plus form factor built around the AMD Geode GX1 processor and equipped with 128MB of soldered SDRAM. Peripherals integrated onboard include LCD-TFT, SVGA, two (2) serial ports, parallel port, Fast Ethernet controller, IDE, keyboard, mouse, USB, AC97 sound port, real-time clock, and watchdog timer.

Available in both standard and extended temperature versions, this compact (3.550" x 3.775") x86 embedded processor is intelligently designed for a wide range of aviation, industrial, medical, military, and transportation applications with very low power consumption (5.4W) - without sacrificing performance (266MHz) or reliability (no moving parts). Its onboard IDE interface supports Solid State Disk (SSD) devices, including DiskOnModule® (DOM), CompactFlash® and ATA Flash, and 2.5" IDE-Flash disks to function as HDD units in rugged conditions where standard devices cannot operate reliably.

The 1432 Single Board Computer (SBC) is designed to support both standard PC and real time operating systems (RTOS), such as Windows® 95/98/2000/NT/XP/CE, ROM-DOS, QNX®, VxWork®, and Linux®. Its embedded BIOS is located in 1MB of reprogrammable Flash EPROM, 384KB of which is used for the BIOS and its extensions with 640KB for Read-Only Disk and storing the OS and user programs/data. A ROM-DOS kernel comes preloaded to facilitate rapid implementation. Set up parameters are also saved in Flash to enable the module to operate without a battery and avoid set up corruption in the field. SSD support can be read or R/W disk. Virtual Peripheral Support (VPS) allows the module to bootstrap from the parallel or serial ports and redirect keyboard, video, floppy disk on the serial/parallel ports before booting the operating system.

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