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Cantata++ - Automated Unit and Integration Testing  (IPL Software Products Limited)
Unit and Integration testing for C/C++

Product Highlights

Cantata++ has been designed around the requirements of the C/C++ languages to produce a tool which allows developers to efficiently perform unit and integration testing. The product offers high productivity and a unique set of testing, coverage analysis and static analysis features. Major features:

Product Description

Unit and Integration Testing


Wizard-driven Test Script generation step-by-step facilities for creating a complete test driver environment.

- Flexible Test Build/Run from inside Cantata++ or via developer's compiler IDE.

- Cross-Platform Execution of tests from development environment to target.

- Intuitive Test Directives for quickly developing structured repeatable tests yielding clear and unambiguous results.

- Checks for all standard and user-defined data types.

- Exception verification to check for expected and unexpected exceptions.

- White Box and Black Box testing techniques are fully supported.

- Stubbing - programmable versions of external software, with call sequence validation.

- Automated Wrapping provides full control over external interfaces, allowing use of real external objects in integration testing.

- Test Case Re-use for inherited classes and template instantiation.

- Project Level Tree View of test pass/fail results with drill-down for easy navigation to individual tests.

- Detailed Test Diagnostics for all checks of expected against actual results.

- Printable Coverage Listings of tested / untested source code.

- Configurable XML reports with summary and full test details

Coverage Analysis


Provides objective measurement of how effective dynamic testing has been in executing the source code.

Code Coverage Metrics:

- Entry points

- Call Returns

- Statements and Basic Blocks

- Decisions (branches)

- Conditions

- MC/DC (DO-178B Level A)

- Exceptions

- Coverage Checks are integrated into dynamic tests resulting in Pass/Fail/Warnings.

- Configurable Coverage requirements are easily defined in simple rule-sets, and viewed graphically.

- Customised Filtering - coverage can be viewed by test case (for test case optimisation).

- Context Coverage Cantata++ is aware of the context in which code has been covered - inheritance and user defined contexts may be used (States, Threads).

- Relational Operator coverage of equality / inequality operators for Equivalence Partitioning.

Static Analysis


Supports over 300 source code metrics, to help enforce code quality standards.

- Procedural Metrics including code lines, comments, functions, and counts of most code constructs.

- Structural complexity metrics: Myers McCabe, Halstead, and Hansen sets.

- OO Metrics including MOOSE, MOOD, QMOOD, Robert Martin's, McCabe OO and Bansiya's class entropy sets.

- Metrics Reports in .csv format can be imported into spreadsheets for graphical and numerical analysis.



Cantata++ has been integrated with many other leading development tools.

- Compiler IDEs (including Tornado) to build and execute tests, minimising the product.s learning curve. Full access is also available via the command line.

- Simulators / Emulators (including VxWorks Simulators) for embedded target testing.

- Debuggers allowing tests to run in debug or release modes.

- UML Modelling tools, supporting model-driven testing.

- Project Management tools such as configuration management, and requirements traceability.

- Code Analysis tools such as object code execution profilers and memory leak detectors (such as the Scope tools)

Supported Platforms


Cantata++ is available for most ANSI C and ISO C++ and EC++ compilers in native and embedded target platforms environments.

This includes VxWorks v5.4 upwards, Tornado v2.02 upwards, and Wind River (formerly Diab) compiler 4.3 upwards.

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