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PMCF1  (GE Intelligent Platforms)
64 to 192 MBytes Flash Memory Card

Product Highlights

* 64 or 192 MBytes Flash memory * 5 air- and conduction-cooled ruggedization levels * PCI 2.1 compliant interface * 2 independent DMA engines * Onboard BIT storage * Hardware Flash write protection for each bank

Product Description

Targeted at applications that need a rugged, solid state, non-volatile memory store for mission data, terrain maps or application code, PMCF1 is ideal for use with Radstones market leading family of PowerPC VME SBCs and PMC carrier cards. PMCF1 memory is pre-fetchable, resulting in increased performance and efficient PCI bus utilization. Burst memory reads of up to 20 MBytes/sec are achievable. Sector size is 128 KBytes.

The PMCF1 comes with 64 MBytes of Flash as standard. This capacity can be increased to 192 MBytes through the addition of a daughterboard, all within a single PMC slot. The memory is organized as four separate banks, each capable of being individually hardware write protected, and all memory is accessible through a single 32 MByte PCI window. Also by utilizing the very latest Flash memory technology, the PMCF1 has the future upgrade potential to capacities scalable to a maximum of 384 MBytes.

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