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PowerXtreme PPC4A  (GE Intelligent Platforms)
PowerPC 755/7410 Single Board Computer

Product Highlights

* PowerPC 755/7410 AltiVec to 500 MHz & beyond * PReP Architecture * 5 Air & Conduction-Cooled Ruggedization Levels * Standard Features - 1 Megabyte (MB) L2 Cache with private L2 Bus (2 MB for 7410) - 64 MB 64 bit wide FLASH - Up to 512 MB SDRAM on-board, with ECC - 512 Kilobytes (KB) User E2PROM - 10/100 BASE-T or 10 BASE-5 Ethernet- Ultra SCSI - Mouse/Keyboard/Floppy/Parallel/4 x Serial Ports - 5 row VME64 & Type A or B P0 Connectors - 2 PMC Expansion Slots - PMC Carrier Cards with up to 9 PMCs * Radstone BIT & SilverChip Firmware * BSPs & ESPs forVxWorks/Tornado * SW Maintenance Support * HW & SW Configuration Management

Product Description

The PPC4A COTS 6U VME64 Single Board Computers (SBCs) offer the very latest, high performance, PowerPC processors combined with the same rich feature set of the PowerPC Reference Platform (PReP) architecture Radstone introduced in 1995. PPC4A supports SDRAM on a fast 100 MHz memory bus, for maximum performance.

Five ruggedization levels in both air- and conduction-cooled form factors, make PPC4A the clear choice for Systems Integrators and Defense OEMs serving the market for leading edge Naval, Land Based and Airborne embedded computing platforms.

PowerPC 7410 processors clocked at 500 MHz and higher, and PowerPC 755 processors clocked at 400 MHz or higher, are available to satisfy the most demanding performance requirements while maintaining form, fit and function compatibility with previous generations of Radstone PowerPC SBCs.

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