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NP4GS3 Network Processor  (2)
High-Performance, Scalable Packet Processor for Enterprise-Network and Internet Applications

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The IBM PowerNP NP4GS3 network processor is an advanced, robust, programmable, high-performance solution for the most demanding networking applications. As the high-end member the IBM PowerNP family of network processors, the NP4GS3 implements copper interconnect technology and integrates a switching engine, search engine, frame processors, and multiplexed MACs. Designed to satisfy enterprise, core, and edge networking and Internet requirements at wire speed, the NP4GS3 processor is scalable, with performance headroom to meet increasing bandwidth and functional demands. It can deliver complex functions such as quality of service (QoS), scheduling, flow control, and differentiated services. Manufacturers who take advantage of the IBM NP4GS3 in their product designs can benefit from leadership semiconductor technologies and proven network experience. IBM also offers a rich suite of hardware and software enablement tools and services to help reduce time to market.

The NP4GS3 enables product differentiation through the combination of specific features for layers 2 through 7 networking applications, including:

* 16 programmable picoprocessors providing 2128MIPS aggregate processing capability

* 40 fast Ethernet/4Gb MACS with SMII, GMII, and 8B/10B interfaces supporting industry-standard PHY components

* OC-48c, OC-48, four OC-12, and 16 OC-3 integrated packet-over-Sonet (POS) interfaces supporting industry-standard POS framers

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