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STPC Family  (183)
x86 Core PC-Compatible System-on-a-Chip Family with Integrated Peripherals

Product Highlights

5x86 or Pentium II-class core
All chipset functions integrated, including SDRAM controller
PCI, ISA, EIDE, USB, PCMCIA bus controllers plus legacy I/O
Integrated SVGA graphics and video pipeline
Plastic ball grid array package, commercial and industrial temperature range

Product Description

The STPC family consists of three product ranges with peripheral combinations that target different applications. They span two generations of processor cores: the STPC Olympus integrates a 5x86 and the STPC Galaxy family integrates an Intel Pentium II-class core.

The STPC Olympus family members are the STPC Elite, STPC Consumer-II, and STPC Atlas. Based on the CP100 processor block, they contain a 64-bit SDRAM controller, bus mastering EIDE, PCI bus controller, plus the 32-bit x86 core with CPU, FPU, and 8KB of L1 cache. CPU clock speeds are up to 133MHz with maximum power consumption of less than 2.5W.

They are all in production and integrate the following peripherals:

* STPC Elite: all of the basic PC functions, namely ISA and PCI controllers, IDE port, SDRAM controller, JTAG port, and 16 general-purpose I/O lines

* STPC Consumer-II: adds a 64-bit 2D graphics accelerator, VGA controller with RAMDAC, video input port, and PAL/NTSC TV output block.

* STPC Atlas: adds more powerful 2.5D graphics, integrated "Super I/O" for keyboard, mouse, serial and parallel ports, dual-port host-hub USB controller, PCMCIA controller, and TFT LCD controller

The first STPC Galaxy family parts will use the Intel Pentium II-class core with USB and Ethernet MAC integrated.

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