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iSPAN® 3639 AdvancedMC Multiprotocol T1/E1/J1 Communications Controller  (Interphase Corp)
Quad or Octal port Multiprotocol Controller for Signaling and Media applications on AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platforms

Product Highlights

Freescale MPC8560 (PowerQUICC III) on-board processor @ 800 MHz Optional FPGA for acceleration of media termination and processing Four or eight individually software selectable T1/E1/J1 interfaces Front and Rear access options for T1/E1/J1 ports: - On front faceplate via four RJ48 connectors or - On AdvancedMC connector (Ports 13 to 20) On-board support for multiple network protocols and interworkings: - Q.SAAL/GR-2878 - SS7 (MTP1 & MTP2) - Frame Relay - HDLC - ATM Pre-integrated protocol stacks available using Interphase lower layers and various 3rd party upper layer stacks Telecom clocks can be input and output on both CLK1 and CLK2 AdvancedMC lanes for master or slave synchronization

Product Description

The iSPAN 3639 mid-size AdvancedMC T1/E1/J1 communications controller from Interphase delivers a comprehensive high capacity connectivity solution for use with AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platform solutions to deliver a wide range of Voice Over IP, Wireless and IP Multi-Media Subsystem (IMS) infrastructure application elements.

Performance and Capacity

With up to 8 T1/E1/J1 interfaces the iSPAN 3639 provides a high capacity solution for signaling and media applications and enables optimization of slot usage platform. With support for a high performance PCI-Express interface to a host processor or gigabit ethernet connectivity to the AdvancedMC connector the iSPAN 3639 enables rapid exchange of payload information and is hence ideal for a broad spectrum of applications requiring T1/E1/J1 connectivity.

Powerful Solution Architecture

The iSPAN 3639 incorporates the Freescale PowerQUICC III communications controller to deliver high performance and high capacity processing of signaling traffic. With the addition of an optional FPGA with support for TDM switching and I-TDM protocol conversion the 3639 can be used for full capacity media termination and media switching applications.

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