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3G-324M Toolkit  (Radvision Ltd)
3G-324M Stack for mobile video telephony developers

Product Highlights

The 3G-324M Toolkit is an essential development tool for a wide range of 3G products, handsets or servers. The 3G-324M Toolkit has several important add-ons focused on the special needs of specific product types, making it the most versatile toolkit for any kind of application. The 3G-324M Toolkit includes a set of APIs to develop multimedia communication solutions for 3G servers and handsets. It can also be used to develop multimedia-based solutions for UMTS and TD-SCDMA networks. RADVISION's 3G-324M Toolkit delivers very high performance with a small memory footprint.

Product Description

3G-324M is a proven solution for multimedia-based services that packet-based wireless networks cannot deliver because of inherent overhead, BER sensitivity, and variant routing delays. 3G-324M operating over a circuit switched channel between communication peers guarantees fixed-delay QoS for multimedia communications. The combination of circuit switch 3G-324M services with packet-based SIP services, such as presence and instant messaging, leverages the strength of both networks to enable new and differentiated innovative mobile 3G services.

All RADVISION products and solutions take into account interoperability issues between disparate networks, protocols and devices. The 3G-324M Toolkit has been thoroughly tested for full interoperability.

3G-324M Toolkit for Handsets Highlights:

* Low footprint

* Fastest call setup time

* Supports H.324 Annex K (Media Oriented Negotiation Acceleration)

* Supports the standardized call setup time reduction solution WNSRP

* H.245 AutoCaps add-on, allowing automatic capability negotiation and channel opening. This enables fast time-to-market, instant interoperability and maximum media quality possible within given call scenarios

* Advanced memory and buffer management reduces dynamic allocations and memory copies

* Common core that is easily portable to any operating system and DSP

* Flexible Multiplexing - The patent pending technology delivers faster decision-making on optimal multiplexing strategy

* H.223 splitting technology enables improved communication management when running on dual core CPUs by locating CPU-intensive processing closer to media management

* Support for any media codec, including the latest additions to 3G-324M: H.264 and AMR-WB

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