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EMPRESS RDBMS  (Empress Software Inc)
EMPRESS RDBMS, The Embedded Real-Time Database is one of the most powerful and cost-effective database management systems available for organizations developing embedded, real-time applications. EMPRESS RDBMS is compact, agile and maintenance-free and is suited for embedded systems, real-time, communications & networking, military & defense, process control and scientific & engineering applications.

Product Highlights

For data intensive applications that require a fast, reliable database management system, EMPRESS RDBMS is unsurpassed in functionality including:

Product Description

Empress Embedded Database Management System is one of the most reliable, powerful and cost-effective development databases available for scientific and engineering organizations.

Advantages of using Empress Embedded Database Management System:

Embeddable - Allows applications using Empress RDBMS to be deployed as a single unified program that is potentially robust and efficient.

Small Footprint - Empress RDBMS is highly modular. Out of the box, the Empress footprint ranges from 600KB to 1MB. Empress can be further customized to reduce footprint including a light option.

Deterministic Response - Empress RDBMS supports deterministic response through alternative data structures and time-out functions. Alternative data structures allow database response time to be relatively constant.

Fast Performance - Empress RDBMS offers a kernel level "C" API called MR routines. Applications written in MR routines do not need to be parsed at runtime. Additional speed functionality in the MR routines include fine control over locking, memory management, and selection based on record numbers.

High Performance - Users of Empress RDBMS will benefit from one of the fastest embedded real-time database engines in the industry

Flexible Development - Applications can be developed in a variety of programming languages including C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic and HTML.

Scalability - Empress RDBMS can be deployed on entry-level workstations as well as on high-end 64-bit multi-processor servers.

Friendly Storage Requirements - Storage devices may be SCSI RAID, IDE, RAM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, Compact Flash or any new technology the O/S will support. In addition, Empress database tables may be split across many different storage devices. Database tables may be in RAM, CF, on hard disk and on DVD-ROM.

Wide Range of Platforms - Empress RDBMS is available on many hardware platforms such as ARM, StrongARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH3, SH4, Xscale, x86, Itanium, Opteron, PA-RISC, Alpha, SPARC. In addition, Empress RDBMS may be easily ported to a user requested hardware and operating system for a standard fee.

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