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Graphics  (Curtiss-Wright Controls Inc)
Video Processing and Aquisition

Product Highlights

Graphics CWCEC offers a broad graphics and video acquisition product line that addresses a broad range of military applications that apply to land, sea and air platforms.

Product Description

PMC-704 Dual Input Output Graphics PMC

PMC-704 is a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) form factor, ruggedized, high-performance, feature rich Graphics PMC. This IEEE 1386.1 Graphics PMC is the premiere Graphics PMC in our INSIGHTS product line. PMC-704 will provide a platform for customers to design, develop and deploy high-performance graphics sub-systems capable of supporting synthetic graphics and video overlay output as well as analog and digital capture. With support for both legacy and new video interfaces, PMC-704 is an ideal solution for both new and retrofit ground, naval and avionics platforms.

The PMC-704 and PMC-706 are the first rugged COTS PMCs to make use of the industry leading ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 (M9) Visual Processing Unit (VPU). By incorporating the ATI M9 graphics controller, we are able to leverage ATI's 18 years of experience in developing and producing graphics controllers for the embedded, mobile and desktop markets. The M9 features integrated memory, low power optimizations, integrated video input and output, advanced de-interlacing hardware and industry leading, high-performance 2D/3D/Video acceleration.

AtlasPMC/1 One or Two Display Channels

The AtlasPMC/1 is the graphics-only version of the AtlasPMC and is part a new series of single and dual-channel, high resolution PMC graphics controllers for VME, CompactPCI and PCI systems. The AtlasPMC/2 includes NTSC/PAL/RGB/DVI input, USB 2.0, and Audio Stereo I/O.

The AtlasPMC/1 is based on ATI Technologies' RADEON Mobility 9000 (M9) mobile graphics processor, which supports 2D, 3D, OpenGL, and DirectX compatible displays with up to 16.7 million colors (24 bpp). The M9 features 64 MB of integrated memory, reduced-power optimizations, integrated video output, and quad-pipeline 2D/3D hardware acceleration.

The AtlasPMC/1 displays analog VGA screen resolutions up to 1920x1200 over both of its front panel connectors. The card can also be configured to output dual digital video (DVI) channels at resolutions up to 1600x1200 (1920x1200 with reduced blanking interval timing). TV video signal output (NTSC/PAL) is supported on the card's second channel. STANAG 3350 A-C and Sync-On-Green (SOG) can be had on both channels. A special order version supports front panel LVDS requirements.

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