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Single Board Computers - 3U  (Curtiss-Wright Controls Inc)
Processing - SBCs

Product Highlights

CWCEC offers single board computers to fit any application, supporting PowerPC� and Pentium� processor families, in 6U VME and CompactPCI form-factors. CWCEC offers the CompactCore family of small form-factor embedded computing solutions with products offered in 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) and Processor PMC (PrPMC) form-factors. These small form-factor products allow systems developers to employ COTS solutions for space and weight constrained applications that cannot accommodate the 6U standard. CWCEC supports the long life cycle of military programs by offering most new generation SBCs with backwards pin-compatibility to allow easy system upgrades from older products.

Product Description

VPX3-125 3U PA6T-1682M

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing�s VPX3-125 combines the performance and the advanced I/O capabilities of the PA Semi PWRficientTM PA6T-1682M processor with an extensive I/O complement to provide a highly capable processing platform for a wide range of embedded military/aerospace applications. Designed for space constrained applications, the VPX3-125 represents the latest step in the evolution of rugged high-performance, highly integrated small form factor Single Board Computers.

The VPX3-125�s integral high-speed backplane and PMC/XMC connectivity allows for multi-GB/sec data flows from board-to-board through the backplane interface and from the backplane to PMC/XMC site supporting the acquisition, processing, and distribution of sensor data such as video, radar, and sonar data. A rich I/O complement includes two gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 serial channels, up to 8 bits of discrete digital I/O, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 port and a PMC/XMC site with 64 bits of IO mapped to the backplane.

SCP/DCP-1201 3U CPCI Intel Core Duo

The SCP/DCP-1201 from Curtiss-Wright Controls is a multifunctional 3U CompactPCI board built to meet the diverse needs of the evolving embedded community. This single board computer can operate as a system controller, peripheral processor, or I/O processing node.

As a system controller the SCP/DCP-1201 is available in a single- or two-slot configuration for chassis with left system controller expansion slots. With the addition of a SATA or USB hard drive and a PMC video card, the SCP/DCP-1201 becomes a full-featured platform.

In addition to running Windows, the SCP/DCP-1201 runs both Solaris 10 and WindRiver GPP Linux 2.6 operating systems. Support for real-time applications using VxWorks 6.3 OS is planned.

The SCP/DCP-1201 is designed for both benign and rugged air-cooled systems as well as rugged conduction-cooled environments. It has support for clock calendar and NVRAM from system supplied battery backup and/or onboard capacitor. A user programmable operating frequency allows dynamic, user controlled power consumption adjustment.

The SCP/DCP-1201 is designed for embedded systems concerned with performance per watt. It also supports those users that desire the WindowsTM operating system for legacy, driver or development reasons.

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