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RTI Real-Time Connect  (Real-Time Innovations Inc)
Connect enterprise applications with real-time applications

Product Highlights

■ Reduces integration time, cost and complexity by replacing the need for custom solutions ■ Eases migration to higher-performance messaging by retaining interoperability with existing software ■ Enables persistent logging of highthroughput real-time data ■ Provides embedded systems with access to remote databases

Product Description

RTI Real-Time Connect overcomes the major challenges traditionally associated with integrating enterprise and real-time systems: transforming messages and data between the different native formats used in each domain and preventing high-throughput real-time traffic from overwhelming slower enterprise infrastructure. For distributed applications that can benefit from lower latency or increased throughput, RTI Real-Time Connect provides a migration path to higher performance. As faster real-time messaging technology is phased into a system, RTI Real-Time Connect can be used to provide interoperability with those portions that have not been upgraded. This minimizes the transition�s impact and risk.

RTI Real-Time Connect interfaces to real-time applications using RTI Data Distribution Service, RTI's high-performance messaging solution. RTI Data Distribution Service allows applications to stream up to 950 megabits of data or 80,000 messages per second with inter-node latencies as low as 65 microseconds. These rates are 10 to 25 times faster than can be achieved with most implementations of the leading enterprise middleware standards, JMS and Web services.

RTI Real-Time Connect uses a SQL database as its native interface to enterprise applications. Bidirectional bridging is provided between SQL and RTI Data Distribution Service. RTI Real-Time Connect can be used in conjunction with Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for easy integration with Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and other data management and messaging standards such as XML, Web services, and JMS. RTI Real-Time Connect is fully optimized for use with Oracle Database, and SOA products.

RTI Real-time Connect is highly scalable and can meet demanding throughput, availability and fault tolerance requirements. RTI Real-Time Connect employs a multithreaded architecture that takes full advantage of multi-processor systems. Running with a single thread on a system with two 2.0 GHz dual core Opteron processors, RTI Real-Time Connect used in conjunction with Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database can bridge over 28,000 messages or data updates per second. When taking advantage of all four available cores, throughput grows to over 100,000 transactions per second.

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