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VPF1  (215)
Dual PowerPC, Dual FPGA 6U VME/VXS Processor

Product Highlights

2x PowerPC 7447 CPU nodes 2x Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA nodes 8x 2.0-3.125Gbit/sec offboard serial communications channels Ethernet, RS232, RS422 64-bit, 66MHz PMC site for local I/O VxWorks and Linux (in development) operating systems Embedded FPGA processing cores Built-In Test (BIT) Optimized VSIPL DSP libraries Air-cooled and rugged conduction-cooled build variants

Product Description

VMETROs VPF1 is the first of many products which exploit next generation switched fabric interconnects and busses. The VPF1 is a 6U VME64x card which supports VITA41 backplane switch fabric communications via VXS over an enhanced VME P0 connector. The VPF1 comprises 4 processor nodes: two 1GHz PowerPC 7447A CPUs and two Xilinx XC2VP70 Virtex II Pros. Each processor has fully distributed memory, with the PowerPCs each having access to 256Mbytes of DDR SDRAM, and the FPGAs being directly coupled to multiple banks of QDR SRAM in addition to local DDR SDRAM. Each FPGA supports multiple inter-node communication channels via the RocketIO devices native to the Virtex II Pro, with four channels connecting the two onboard FPGAs, and the remaining eight going offboard facilitating scalable, point to point processing. Each of these channels can be routed at speeds up to 3.125GBits/sec between VPF1s or other compatible VXS cards. A PMC site, GigaBit Ethernet, and VME P2 directly connected to an FPGA facilitate high speed IO.

VxWorks and TimeSys Linux board support packages(BSPs) can be supplied to run industry standard operating systems on the VPF1s PowerPCs. Routines are supplied in the BSP which configure the local FPGAs, and VHDL source is supplied to communicate with local memory and other directly attached IO. Example firmware and extensive documentation enable end user applications to be quickly configured for use on the VPF1.

VPF1s are available in air cooled or conduction cooled builds, enabling easy migration from development to production.

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