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IP Infusion's ZebOS Advanced Integration Suite (AIS)  (501)
AIS is a suite of Hardware Integration Platforms (HIP)pre-integrated with an industry leading merchant silicon, and operating system.

Product Highlights

The ZebOS Advanced Integration Suite (AIS) is a suite of software platforms called the Hardware Integration Platform (HIP), each of which is created for and pre-integrated with an industry leading merchant silicon, and operating system. These HIPs provide a comprehensive forwarding plane implementation supporting L2, L3 (IPv4 & v6), multicast and MPLS/Traffic Engineering. A ZebOS AIS HIP, when combined with the ZebOS ARS L2, L3, multicast and MPLS networking protocol software for the control plane, provides a full system solution for enterprise switching, metro Ethernet, access, edge, mobile wireless and advanced IP services applications. The ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite (ARS) is a complete suite of L2, L3, multicast and MPLS networking protocol software. The ZebOS ARS supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The ZebOS ARS is well positioned not only to support core, edge, and access routing and switching platforms, but also to act as the standard routing protocol for an entire range of future IPv6 enabled devices. These devices include Small Office Home Office (SOHO) gateways, wireless, access, and security devices as well as devices that support Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies and require Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth management. The ZebOS AIS HIPs are fully system tested with the ZebOS ARS protocol software on leading merchant silicon reference platforms. The well defined and extensible API between the ARS (control plane) and the AIS (forwarding plane) called the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) allows easy addition of custom features and applications. Selecting from IPIs full range of the AIS Hardware Integration Platforms and the ZebOS ARS L2, L3 ad MPLS protocol modules, original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can rapidly bring full solutions to market without the costly and lengthy software and hardware integration development normally associated with complex switching/routing systems. * Modular and Portable Software Architecture * Comprehensive Forwarding Plane Implementation * High Performance and Scalable Frame/Packet Forwarding * Advanced Distrubuted Stacking/Chassis Support

Product Description

Modular and Portable Software Architecture

The ZebOS Hardware Abstraction Layer isolates all of the hardware platform specific interaction into a small set of well defined function calls for the ARS (control plane). The HAL provides a unified interface for the control plane to interact with the forwarding plane for all L2, L3, multicast and MPLS forwarding needs. The function calls above the HAL runs unmodified for any switching and routing hardware platform. The result is that customers have the full flexibility to select only the required protocol modules in the most cost and code space effective way.

The ZebOS Hardware Integration Platform provides integration and optimization of the ZebOS ARS software with both merchant silicon hardware platform and operating system of choice. Taking advantage of the feature rich merchant silicon, the HIP base module includes support for hardware based QoS management, rate limiting, traffic metering, and security such as packet filtering/remarking, denial-of-service attack/CPU protection and packet tunneling.

Comprehensive Forwarding Plane Implementation

The ZebOS AIS HIP includes an advanced Interface Manager that provides a logical view of hardware platform interfaces. The Interface Manager insulates interconnect topology details of merchant silicon chips within and across hardware platforms so that hardware platform physical and logical interfaces can be easily managed and configured from the control plane through the ZebOS Integrated Management Interface (IMI). The interface manager implementation encompasses L2 ports, L3 interfaces, aggregates (L2 or L3), Switched-Virtual-Interface, and all possible L2/L3/VLAN/aggregate hierarchies. The Interface Manager simplifies systems management and provides a uniform mechanism for all of the L2, L3 and MPLS protocols to view and interact with the physical and virtual interfaces.

High Performance and Scalable Frame/Packet Forwarding

The ZebOS AIS HIP supports master Forwarding Information Base (FIB) and Forwarding Database (FDB) in software as an extension to the hardware/silicon based FIB and FDB for performance scaling. The HIP includes an Exception Packet Handler to handle exception packets received from the Packet Driver, which failed to find the destination using hardware layers forwarding information. The Exception Packet Handler can route these packet appropriately as it has access to the master FIB and FDB. Exception Packet Handler can also program the hardware layer so that future packets to the same destination can be routed using a fast-path (hardware switched path) if required.

Advanced Distributed Stacking/Chassis Support

The advanced architecture of ZebOS HIP maintains modular, portable, L2/L3 hybrid, and adaptive packet handling benefits while supporting distributed forwarding plane for maximum performance and scalability. With the ZebOS HIP distributed forwarding plane architecture, L2/3 packet forwarding and switching and routing features across the entire system and a unified management view of the stacked or chassis system based on ports are supported.

The ZebOS HIP is designed to support the concept of a master/slave instances needed to support a distributed forwarding plane in a stackable or chassis based systems with single point of management.

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