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Aonix Perc Ultra  (Atego Systems)
Virtual Machine for Embedded and Real-Time Java Development

Product Highlights

Aonix PERC is the most deployed high-reliability, deterministic, real-time embedded Java solution available for mission & safety-critical programs in mil-aero, telecommunications, industrial automation, and transportation. PERC Ultra currently supports VxWorks 5.x, 6.x, Wind River Linux 2.0, and VxWorks MILS 2.0. PERC Ultra combines predictable and reliable performance with Java Standard Edition compatibility. Compared to traditional development platforms, the benefits of PERC Ultra are both clear and compelling: a more productive development cycle, and more efficient and reliable programs. These advantages result in faster time to market and higher customer satisfaction, on budget, and are why PERC Ultra is the most field-tested virtual machine for real-time Java developers. PERC Ultra is the ideal solution for complex embedded applications with dependability and reliability needs.

Product Description

PERC Ultra provides a mature Java 5 Standard Edition (J2SE) technology with standard language support and Java library support. This enables more efficient and reliable program development using:

- Industry leading, patented real-time garbage collector featuring ultra-reliable performance.

- Predictable real-time operation of threads, synchronization, and timers.

- Rich set of pre-optimized libraries allows engineers to focus on optimizing application-specific modules.

Significant Performance Highlights:

- Compilation options offer up to 20x runtime performance over interpreted implementations.

- Garbage collection pre-emption as low as 100 microseconds.

- Deterministic timing services eliminate clock drift and jitter from fixed-rate tasks.

- Direct Memory API gives compiler optimized access to buffers and memory-mapped I/O.

- Scheduled Native Tasks improve performance of JNI and simplify native application and operating system integration.

- Task priority management and priority inheritance behave consistently and predictably across all targets.

A more productive development cycle is supported with:

- Compatibility with off-the-shelf Standard Edition class libraries - rather than limited "personal" or "micro" subsets.

- Desktop-caliber developer tools including symbolic debuggers, run-time performance profilers, and simulators for popular real-time operating systems running on Solaris and Windows.

- Transparency APIs and command shells to provide visibility and control over internal operation of the virtual machine.

- Native compiler and operating systems ports for key real-time operating systems

High Productivity Library Set

- Standard Edition Class Library Emulation enables the most compelling features of Java, including JNI, RMI, JDBC, Collections, etc.

- Support for embedded graphics includes an SWT implementation for the PEG+ library.

- Direct Memory API - Provides compiler-optimize

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