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Aonix Perc Ultra SMP  (Atego Systems)
Embedded, Real-Time Java Virtual Machine for Multicore systems

Product Highlights

Aonix PERC is the most deployed high-reliability, deterministic, real-time embedded Java solution available for mission & safety-critical programs in mil-aero, telecommunications, industrial automation, and transportation. PERC Ultra SMP enhances the PERC family of virtual machine technologies with support for multi-core and multi-processor applications. PERC Ultra SMP currently supports Wind River Linux 2.0 on x86 targets. Future releases are planned for VxWorks 6.x with SMP support. PERC Ultra combines predictable and reliable performance with Java Standard Edition compatibility. Compared to traditional development platforms, the benefits of PERC Ultra are both clear and compelling: a more productive development cycle, and more efficient and reliable programs. These advantages result in faster time to market and higher customer satisfaction, on budget, and are why PERC Ultra is the most field-tested virtual machine for real-time Java developers. PERC Ultra is the ideal solution for complex embedded applications with dependability and reliability needs.

Product Description

PERC Ultra SMP extends the PERC family's mature Java 5 Standard Edition (J2SE) language support and Java library support with multi-core and multi-processor execution capability. New SMP-specific features found in the PERC Ultra SMP product enable you to:

- Run multiple Java threads concurrently across all available CPUs/Cores

- Set the affinity of CPUs/Cores available to PERC Ultra SMP for mixed Java/Native applications

- Exploit new SMP garbage collection technology

- Multithreaded Garbage Collector runs faster, takes advantage of available CPUs/Cores

- Garbage Collector is incremental and preemptible by higher priority Java threads

- Realize the same real-time responsiveness as "Classic" PERC Ultra with typical response latency of 1ms on Xeon 1.6GHz

PERC Ultra SMP provides more productive development cycles including:

- Compatibility with off-the-shelf Standard Edition class libraries

- Desktop-caliber developer tools

- Transparency APIs and command shells

- Native compiler and operating system ports

- Rich set of pre-optimized libraries allowing engineers to focus on optimizing application-specific modules

PERC Ultra SMP Toolset Highlights:

- PERC Accelerator - AOT and JIT deliver superior performance by turbo-charging applications up to 20x over interpreted implementations.

- ROMizer - Improves execution speed by statically linking VM, libraries, and application object code into a single executable image, suitable for burning to ROM.

- Enterprise-Class Profiling - Speeds time to market and optimizes system performance by helping to quickly detect and fix memory leaks and bottlenecks.

- Remote Debugging - Saves time, money, and programmer wear and tear. Lets programmers seamlessly debug on the target device.

- PERC Shell - Cuts development time by providing direct access to the running VM via serial or telnet connection. The result: engineers can optimize system performance and

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