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deviceWISE  (ILS Technologies)
deviceWISE securely connects intelligent devices to each other and to the enterprise, eliminating unnecessary layers in the information chain. deviceWISE links any device to any application and enables real-time information transfer, transaction logging, and bi-directional control. With deviceWISE, you make business decisions based on real time data thus streamlining your business operations and meeting compliance standards. The deviceWISE suite decreases installation and maintenance costs by eliminating the use of intermediate PC technology. This results in enhanced security and reduced system integration cycles. Compatible with virtually any database, message queuing and application server system available, deviceWISE breaks through complicated data transfer layers and the resulting connectivity maximizes the capabilities of next-generation intelligent devices.

Product Highlights

Whether you require "Device to Device" peer communications between intelligent assets, or "Device to Database" for information collection and collaboration, or "Device to Application" for centralized asset management and business processing, deviceWISE has got you covered in an easy to deploy, configure, and manage solution. deviceWISE is available as a software that can be loaded onto a server, a gateway device that can be connected to devices or an embedded agent that can be loaded directly onto devices, for ex: Mitsubishi, Siemens, Rockwell (Allan-Bradley) controllers. deviceWISE also offers a wide range of OPC connectivity options across many different platforms. All deviceWISE products come with an embedded SQL database, which enables data logging as well as store and forward data transmission. Edge processing allows optimal collection of data, (including complex triggers and tasks such as data validation, data scaling, and data aggregation) which reduces the data processing load on enterprise systems. deviceWISE security features enable administrators to specify users that can modify device configurations as well as control users who can access data on the connected devices.

Product Description

deviceWISE is a software framework that provides intelligent and secure connectivity from your plant floor devices to your enterprise. This allows you to provide connectivity to any device in a vendor neutral methodology to your enterprise level allowing you to make business decisions based on real time data. The drag and drop configuration tool provides a simple mechanism to configure triggers to move data from devices to enterprise databases or queues. This information can then be used by enterprise applications. Enjoy the benefits: streamline your business, meet Sarbanes Oxley standards and have accurate inventory or production data immediately.

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