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RDM Server  (Raima Inc)
The COTS Client/Server Embedded Database with support for both the Network and Relational Database Model. RDM® Server has been successfully deployed as one of the market leading client/server embedded database systems in millions of business critical applications over the last decades.

Product Highlights

Active-Passive Replication - data redundancy, fault tolerance, and high availability are all keywords tied into data replication. With RDM Servers advanced replication engine, application databases can be replicated to solve these problems. Dynamic Role Switching - Extending the replication capabilities with fine grained server role control allows for applications to easily manage system failover scenarios. Table Level Replication - Control the data you need replicated through table level replication. Avoid having to replicate the complete database, select the tables you need redundant. Hitless Upgrades - Manage a controlled software upgrade without disconnecting your clients for truly 24x7 operation. Repayable Initialization - Combine this with the pluggable transaction logging, described below, to enable replication into a 3rd party data engine like Oracle®. Pluggable Transaction Logging Architecture - Applications with specific transaction logging or replication needs can now be solved through this new and exciting capability. In-Memory Tables - Highly configurable in-memory support. Dynamically Alter Tables - Adds enhanced Dynamic DDL functionality with the capability to add or drop columns, modify column data types and size, rename columns, and add/drop foreign key. Amazing architectural flexibility - Link your application directly to the engine libraries for unbeatable performance. 128-bit encryption - security for applications where confidentiality is a must.

Product Description

With its highly flexible plug in model combined with features like data replication, in-memory support, and data encryption, RDM® Server has become the number one choice in many carrier grade applications needing a high degree of fault tolerance and reliability. Designed not only for fault-tolerance, but also for real-time processing RDM Server has unique features to ensure real-time transaction processing accessible through both a high performant navigational API as well as industry standard API's such as SQL.

With a high level data definition language, native support for C arrays and structures, multi-user access with row level locks, fully ACID transaction compliant database core this engine has earned its place as one of the embedded database market leaders. Please read how our embedded database customers like HP, Lucent, Intermec, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson and 3Com all entrust their business critical data management to this proven technology.

With support for Wind River's Linux operating system RDM® Server has been thoroughly tested and proven in everything from data centers to roughed embedded environments.

Please follow the link for a free RDM Server development kit All of the Raima Database Managers made available both in object and source code format.

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