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Computer-On-Modules (COM)  (Men Mikro Elektronik GmbH)
System-On-Modules (SOM), or Computer-On-Modules (COM), are complete computers on a plug-on module. Configuring the I/O on an individual carrier board tailors the functionality to the application, saves costs and shortens time-to-market.

Product Highlights

ESMexpress, ESMini and ESM products from MEN

Product Description

Using a SOM has many benefits. While being very compact and highly integrated, even complex CPUs, including multi-core technology, can be realized on a System-on-Module.

Since the pure CPU functions can easily be standardized for many fields of use, the SOM-based system always uses a more or less standard plug-on CPU card. Only the carrier board needs to be designed or adapted to the application. The configuration of the carrier board is focused on the requirements that distinguish one application from another.

There may be special I/O interfaces, memory devices, connectors or form factors. Also, FPGA-based functions can be added to a carrier card or to the CPU module.

All this makes the electronics 100% tailored to the application, and future-safe. Implementation is especially flexible and inexpensive where a special I/O platform is needed. The CPU module itself provides a standard interface to the carrier and remains scalable. It can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component.

Computer-On-Modules are perfect for deeply embedded computers and/or small form factors (< 3U), or extremely variable requirements. They are typically needed in higher quantities and all their benefits combined result in significant savings in costs and very short time-to-market.

Typical Applications:

Because they are at the same time compact, rugged and powerful, SOM solutions are especially well suited for infotainment solutions, medical engineering, industrial automation, or railway applications. For example, MEN offers a standard display computer, the DC1, with a COM inside.

Railway examples;

Avionics examples;

Commercial Vehicles & Ships examples;

Medical engineering examples;

Industrial application examples

Web Links,COMs-with-VxWorks-BSP-support,expertise.vxworks_com.html,som,About-Computer-On-Modules.html

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