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VG6  (GE Intelligent Platforms)
Dual Node/Single Node Dual Core PowerPC® - 8641D 6U VMEbus Embedded Computer

Product Highlights

• Dual or single processor node • For each node one MPC8641D with dual core or MPC8641 with single core; 1000 - 1333 MHz • Freescale 8640/8640D ready • 64 KB L1 + 1 MB L2 cache with ECC on-die per core • E600 core with AltiVecTM • MPC8641 includes low latency dual DDR2 memory controller. (2x 64bit + ECC) • VITA 30.1-2001 and ANSI/VITA 20-2001 compliant • IEEE Std. 1101.2-1992 and ANSI/VITA 20-2001 compliant • Up to 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM with ECC for each node • 256 MB boot flash per node • 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Mbit • 2x 10/100Mbit Ethernets • 2x SATA Ports • 1x PMC/XMC (on request) extension slot with PCI-X 133 or 8x PCI Express • 1x PMC extension slot with PCI-X 100 • VME64 2eSST interface • 2x serial I/O (RS-232) • 2x serial I/O (RS-422) • 3x USB interfaces per node • 4x high resolution timers per node. • 4x DMA channels per node • 1x RTC with 128 Kbyte nvRAM per node • Optional -40°C / +85°C • Optional conduction cooling • High shock and vibration immunity • Optional conformal coating • Custom specific assembly versions

Product Description

The VG6 6U VME SBC is designed to meet the needs of high performance computing embedded applications. It addresses such markets as industrial automation, medical, scientific and aerospace where real-time and/or signal processing are needed. Operating system support for VxWorks. This VME SBC is a very flexible product, with dual or single node configuration of the Freescale 8641D/8641 processor, and this single board computer is Freescale 8640D/8640 ready for those applications requiring less power/heat. The ultra compact 6U single slot, all-in-one design with flexible memory, Flash configurations and on-board peripherals includes up to three Gigabit (VITA 31.1-compliant), up to two 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports, up to four UARTS, up to six USB ports, two serial-ATA compatible ports, two PMC extension slots and timer/counter.

Combined with custom assembly for specific applications, the VG6 provides optimum price/performance for all kinds of OEM applications, including those requiring rugged computing. The VG6 rugged version addresses extreme environment applications with optional conduction cooling, which extends the temperature range to -40° to +85° C, increased shock and vibration immunity using stiffener bars and wedge locks, and conformal coating. The conduction-cooled VG6 complies with VITA 30.1-2001 and IEEE Std. 1101.2-1992 specifications.

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