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Tuxera NTFS for Embedded Systems  (Tuxera Inc.)
Tuxera NTFS is Tuxera’s flagship commercial NTFS solution. Many chipset and hardware manufacturers as well as software and system integrators have chosen Tuxera NTFS for Embedded System to ensure seamless interoperability with Windows and Mac computers. Some typical uses have been: * System-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions * Home entertainment such as set-top boxes, media players, recorders, DTV, and IPTV. * Portable devices including mobiles, tablets, netbooks and other handhelds. * Automotive infotainment solutions * Network-attached storages(NAS) * Quick-boot solutions like Android or Linux based systems on BIOS or other ROM. * Demanding expert systems such as forensics, intelligence, medical and military.

Product Highlights

Benefits: 1. Superb performance. Tuxera NTFS for Embedded Systems offers dramatic performance improvements for the most demanding users. The read/write performance can be 30-50 times better compared to NTFS-3G due to the kernel-level implementation and other optimizations . In most cases the speed is comparable or even faster than ext3, the most common Linux file system. Thus, the Tuxera NTFS is clearly one of the world’s fastest Linux file systems available. 2. Best reliability you can get. The Tuxera NTFS technology is based on our open source products, which have been in production use in millions of installations since 2000. As the saying goes: given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. In Tuxera, we have additionally developed a robust test suite. Every software that leaves Tuxera’s labs has passed all quality tests. 3. Custom integration, tuning and optimization. The software are always tailored into the customer platform to get the best possible result. Tuxera engineers have over a decade experience in kernel development in Linux and other systems and have earned their ranks being the most contributive and effective in open competitive projects. 4. Commercial licensing. Tuxera utilizes the well-known dual-licensing model where you can commercially license the software to be included in closed source, proprietary products and custom platforms. Otherwise the open source drivers cannot be integrated legally into closed source environments due the GPL license. 5. Support and updates. Tuxera offers prompt email and phone support for its customers. You get also free access to product updates that bring new improvements and features. NTFS for Embedded Systems is available for Android, Linux, QNX, Windows Embedded, VxWorks, and Nucleus in ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH and x86 powered embedded platforms. Please ask for a complete list of available platforms. Tuxera also ports the product to new proprietary platforms.

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