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iSPAN® 36CA OCTEON Plus AdvancedMC Packet Accelerator Card  (Interphase Corp)
High Performance Packet Processing for Broadband Networks

Product Highlights

- Cavium Networks OCTEON Plus @ 600Mhz with 4, 8 or 12 cores each - 4x GbE (AMC.2) plus PCI-E x1 (AMC.1) to carrier - 4x GbE interfaces on front panel - RTM connectivity for rear-access operation - Application Support includes: TCP/IP off load, Wire-speed IPSE acceleration, Policy Management and Routing, SRTP Off-load, On board RTP/RTCP processing, GTP-u protocol support for Wireless network applications - AMC.0 R2.0 Mid-size AdvancedMC

Product Description

The Interphase iSPAN® 36CA AdvancedMC Packet Processor Card extends the broad portfolio of communication processing and network processing solutions to address the growing need for wire-speed packet processing solutions for the delivery of broadband services in the 3G Wireless, Voice Over IP and IMS network infrastructure

The 36CA is based on the Cavium Octeon Plus high-performance multi-core processor architecture which provides:

A pin compatible chip that can support 4 to 16® Plus MIPS 32/64 architecture compatible cores

Per core hardware acceleration for packet processing and security including addition of support for Kasumi for wireless security

Integrated co-processors for packet I/O, compression/decompression, IDS and anti-virus

Support for GbE (8), SPI-4 and PCI-x i/o interfacesperformance multi-core processor architecture which provides:

With its four interchangeable SFP modules, powerful onboard Octeon Plus packet processor, dual management interface and upgradeable memory, the iSPAN 36CA is extremely versatile and provides the functionality necessary for migrating to next-generation infrastructures and converged networks.

The iSPAN 36CA comes with Linux®based ready-to-use application / protocol suites that transform the 36CA into a specialized communications interface which can be easily integrated into solution platforms.

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