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Model 6250  (Pentek Inc)
Model 6250 is a Configurable Logic FPGA VIM-2 module with FPDP I/O. It features up to two FPDP (Front Panel Data Port) interfaces, and two Xilinx Virtex II FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). The Model 6250 supports custom, highperformance signal processing and computing functions for any VIM-compatible processor board.

Product Highlights

*Supports high-performance custom signal processing *One or two FPDP (Front Panel Data Port) interfaces *Xilinx Virtex-II Series FPGAs *Two gate densities available: 1000K & 3000K *On-board auxiliary SRAM *GateFlow FPGA Design Kit *Factory-installed cores available

Product Description

FPGA Devices

The Model 6250 may be equipped with

two FPGAs from either Xilinx Virtex-II

family: Model XC2V1000 (standard), or

XC2V3000 (Option -300).

Each FPGA interfaces directly to all

three sections of the associated VIM interface:

both serial ports, the 32-bit BI-FIFO

parallel port and the control/status port.

The BI-FIFO buffers on the processor board

allow the processors to move blocks of data

efficiently to and from each FPGA.

The two FPGAs are interconnected with

up to 68 (XC2V3000) programmable user

I/O lines to support data and control passing

between the two devices. An optional connector

is available for FPGA front panel I/O

(Option -102).


Each FPGA is equipped with two

256k x 16 SRAMs. Each SRAM is connected

to the FPGA with separate address and data

buses so they can be used independently. The

SRAMs can be used for storing data without

consuming internal FPGA logic cells to

implement RAM.

FPDP Interfaces

One FPDP interface is provided as standard

with an additional interface available

in two different optional configurations:

single-slot, with the second connector accessible

through a front panel ribbon cable

(Option -002), or two slots with the second

connector in an adjacent slot (Option -004).

FPGA Programming

An optional FPGA design kit to be used

in conjunction with the Xilinx Foundation

development tool suite is provided. It

includes VHDL source files for the VIM

interface and control registers for the clock

functions. Templates for implementing custom

signal processing blocks are included

with detailed instructions. FPGA code may

be downloaded from the processor node or

permanently stored in non-volatile memory.

Numerous third-party sources for IP

signal processing core libraries compatible

with the Virtex-II support a wide range of

popular algorithms and functions. These

include FFTs, FIR filters, compression and

decompression algorithms, software radio

blocks, decryption, telemetry functions,

decoders, encoders, and convolution.

In addition, the GateFlow FPGA Design

Kit is optionally available from Pentek.

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