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Parasoft® C++test™  (Parasoft Embedded)
Parasoft C++test – Comprehensive Code Quality Tools for Wind River® Workbench

Product Highlights

Parasoft® C++test™ is an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices proven to improve software development team productivity and software quality for C and C++. C++test facilitates: - Automate Code Analysis for Monitoring Compliance - Runtime Bugs Identification without Executing Software - Streamline Code Review - Application Monitoring for Memory Problems - Unit and Integration Test with Coverage Analysis - Automated Regression Testing - Configurable Detailed Reporting - Efficient Team Deployment - Test on the Host, Simulator, and Target

Product Description

As the software components in embedded systems are becoming increasingly critical, the attention to quality in embedded software increases across the board. Long-standing quality strategies such as testing with a debugger are no longer efficient or sufficient. To further complicate matters, many developers cannot readily run a test program in the actual deployment environment because they lack access to the final system hardware. To address these challenges, code quality needs to be realized throughout the development lifecycle—using a synergy of time-proven techniques for early defect prevention, assisted by automation for implementation and monitoring.

C++test from Parasoft Embedded enables teams to produce better code for embedded systems, test it more efficiently, and consistently monitor progress towards their quality goals. With C++test, critical time-proven best practices—such as static analysis, comprehensive code review, and unit and component testing with integrated coverage analysis—are enabled on the developer’s desktop, early in the development cycle. A command line interface enables fully automated execution within regression and continuous integration environments, providing data for monitoring and analyzing quality trends.

For highly quality-sensitive industries, such as avionics, medical, automobile, transportation, and industrial automation, the addition of Parasoft’s Web-based audit and reporting system, with interactive Web-based dashboards and drill-down capability powered by a SQL database, enables an efficient and auditable quality process with complete visibility into compliance efforts.

C++test Wind River Workbench Integration

The C++test plugin for Wind River® Workbench provides Workbench users easy access to C++test’s full code analysis, code review, and unit testing capabilities directly within their IDE. This seamless integration enables testing and verification to become a natural and continuous part of the development process. The complete target-based test execution flow, including test case generation, crosscompilation, deployment, execution, and loading results back into the GUI, can be automated within C++test. C++test leverages Wind River CDT to provide contextsensitive pop-up menus and views.

C++test is available as a plug in for Wind River Workbench 2.6 and 3.0 IDEs and supports both VxWorks® and Wind River Linux RTOS. In addition, a standalone C++test installation provides built-in support for import and analysis of Tornado®projects. C++test is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris host platforms.


- Increase team development productivity — Apply a comprehensive set of best practices that reduce testing time, testing effort, and the number of defects that reach QA.

- Achieve more with existing development resources — Automatically vet known coding issues so more time can be dedicated to tasks that require human intelligence.

- Build on the code base with confidence — Efficiently construct, continuously execute, and maintain a comprehensive regression test suite that detects whether updates break existing functionality.

- Gain instant visibility into C and C++ code quality and readiness — Access on-demand objective code assessments and track progress towards quality and schedule targets.

- Reduce support costs — Automate negative testing on a broad range of potential user paths to uncover problems that might otherwise surface only in “real-world” usage.

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