GET Engineering Corp

GET Engineering, founded in 1982 as a leading edge, high technology engineering and manufacturing firm providing tactical data solutions to government and industrial clients. We are a Small Business, Women Owned company dedicated to providing the United States Department of Defense and its coalition forces the most cost effective products and solutions available. GET accomplishes this by utilizing its 33+ years of knowledge to produce products that bridge legacy systems to new technology. GET provides a high level of customization by being able to implement customer requirements into our innovative products. Working with our customers and implementing their requirements into our innovative products distinguishes GET from its competition.

GET Engineering and Wind River's VxWorks Operating System allows our DOD customers to continue utilizing legacy systems.

Wind River's VxWorks OS allows GET Engineering to offer architectures that include capabilities to manage and deploy devices and systems across DOD and NATO Allies customers.

The ability to develop standards-compliant applications quickly and efficiently allows us to stay current in the marketplace to meet customer demands.

  • Over 15 years continuous support of the VxWorks OS with GET products
  • Allows the development of applications for multicore NTDS bus architectures
  • Faster time-to-market by using commercially available and supported run-time platforms

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GET Engineering Corp
9350 Bond Ave, El Cajon, CA, United States, 92021

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Aerospace & Defense

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