Object Computing, Inc.

We build high performance, real-time, mission critical systems and integration solutions. Our goal is to make solutions more open, scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable.

OpenDDS & VxWorks 7: Harness the power of open source for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

Use OpenDDS to connect everything from devices, to monitor & control systems, data management systems, enterprise-scale systems, and sophisticated analytics engines. OpenDDS conforms to industry standards for interoperability and portability, and offers scalability and reliability by isolating non-scalable protocols and allowing integration of data.

OpenDDS compatibility with VxWorks 7 brings the freedom of open source real-time publish-subscribe middleware to the latest version of the Wind River real-time operating system.

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  • Free open source software (FOSS) -- no vendor lock-in, maximum user control, no license fees, full access to the source code
  • Engineered for a broad range of domains -- from real-time embedded systems to large-scale enterprise systems
  • QoS-enabled to meet the demands of mission-critical systems

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Object Computing, Inc.
12140 Woodcrest Executive Dr Ste 250, Saint Louis, MO, United States, 63141

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