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Lauterbach GmbH

Leading through technology - Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in the field of embedded designs since 1979.

In cooperation with Wind River, Lauterbach has created Awareness configurations for Wind River's operating systems. The Awareness provides easy access to operating system objects (e.g. tasks, semaphores), generates performance analysis data and enables you to do a most effective debugging on targets running a Wind River operating system.
TRACE32 can also handle components running on virtual memory, like Linux processes or VxWorks Real Time Processes.
This provides the user the debugging needs throughout the development lifecycle.

Gather a greater knowledge of the system being debugged via a dedicated debug port (JTAG)
One tool that can be used throughout the entire development lifecycle (Pre-silicon phase to Mass production) Recognized Leader in highly proficient and specialized development tools (JTAG)

Please visit for more information on TRACE32 and support for Wind River operating systems.