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AVAL DATA CORPORATION (AVAL) is the leading company in the Industrial Embedded Computer market where the highest reliability and availability, and continuous technical support are essential. AVAL has always been a leader in delivering the most advanced and quality of products as well as technical service supported by comprehensive experiences to its customers since its foundation in 1959. AVAL promises to provide you with a success of your business with the following areas:
- High performance and highly integrated embedded CPU and Various I/O boards with FPGAs and proprietary ASIC
- High performance frame grabber and pre-processing board, related hardware used our proprietary ASIC - System integration services with Communication/Network Products and sophisticated core technologies
- Highly optimized Real Time OS(RTOS), utilities and Middleware for our hardware platforms
- Machine Vision Software consists of drivers, pre-processing utilities and Middleware
- Outstanding technical services meets customer needs and long life cycle products
- Customize services which based on list products with highly core technologies to meets customer needsISO9001, ISO14001 certified.

AVAL DATA provides compactPCI CPU module which is integrated with Wind River VxWorks for the industrial equipment

AVAL DATA provides high-performance and robust real-time system by equipping Wind River VxWorks with one's designed and developed compactPCI CPU module.
Using Wind River VxWorks and AVAL DATA's products allow for high-speed, high density processing, and the pursuit of high-reliability.

  • Products can be used as the key device for a wide range of industrial devices including robots, manufacturing/inspection units, and infrastructure/network equipment based on know-how of CPU module and compactPCI for over 30 years.
  • Offers customized product which meet customers' requirements with high-degree of support capacity.
  • Offers fast and precise service by holding all process from development up to manufacturing in the company.

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Aval Data Corp
4th Development Section, 1st Development Department, 1-25-10, Asahimachi Machida-Shi, TOKYO, Japan, 194-0023

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