Visuality Systems Ltd

Visuality Systems Ltd is the world leader in providing SMB/CIFS based solutions for Embedded/mobile Systems. Since its beginning in 1998, Visuality Systems is fully dedicated to develop SMB/CIFS.
They have over 100 Blue Chip clients worldwide, who develop and sell products ranging from Consumer devices, Corporate, Aerospace&Defense, Medical, Industrial automation, and Smart devices.
In addition to our off the shelf solutions we provide a wide range of services starting from integration of an off the shelf solution and going as far as customer needs. This includes porting to yet another OS, performance tuning etc. As with NQTM the list of clients for whom we provide services is a testament to our commitment to technical excellence, customer service, productivity, and cost effectiveness.

Acquiring NQETM for VxWorks, allows Wind River's customers to save time and money on expensive R&D, enabling them to focus on their core technology.

NQETM is a commercial embedded SMB/CIFS software product that is non-GPL, has a small footprint, and is technologically updated to meet market requirements.

NQETM enabled products can be easily plugged into the network and require none of today's overly complex installation procedures.

  • The most complete CIFS/SMB implementation on the market
  • Highly portable to any platform
  • Small footprint
  • Fast performance
  • Highly customizable

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Visuality Systems Ltd
3 Hatamar St., Yokneam Ilit, Israel, 20692
+972 (4) 959-2155

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux