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Skelmir LLC

Skelmir® is a Massachusetts-based software company with a global reach. Since 1998, Skelmir has been servicing the embedded device market with top notch clean room virtual machine technology for deploying feature- and graphics-rich applications to users in an array of markets and industries.

Our flagship product, the CEE-J® family of clean room virtual machines for hosting Java applications, enables interactive television, multi-function printers, industrial monitoring and control systems, video conferencing and more in millions of units worldwide with more deployed each day. Used alone or in combination with the CEE-J extensions for adding animation to your user interface, Skelmir offers the functionality and performance needed for current and future generation devices.

Skelmir's mission is to provide the technologies and expertise that give our customers the winning edge in their respective markets and the flexibility to adapt to new market needs and conditions. Customer-centric technology with responsive expert service is the foundation on which we built Skelmir.