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PMC CAN  (GE Intelligent Platforms)
Dual CAN bus interface Mezzanine

Product Highlights

* Two independent CAN bus interfaces based on Philips SJA1000 controllers * CAN Specification 2.0 part A and B * Bit rates to 1 Mbit/s * PeliCAN mode: - Disable automatic retransmission - Comprehensive error handling - Extended message acceptance filtering - Multi message 64 byte receive FIFO * Optically isolated ISO 11898 physical layer compliant CAN interfaces * DSP56301 based PCI interface - 128k SRAM, 4Mbit FLASH boot ROM * Optional MIC bus interface * Radstone BIT and VxWorks support * IEEE P1386.1, VITA 20, PCI 2.1 compliant * Rugged air cooled and conduction-cooled build

Product Description

The PMC CAN provides two independent Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces on a rugged, single width, PMC module. Each interface is based on a Philips SJA1000 CAN controller and supports CAN specification 2.0 A and B (Standard 11 bit identifier and extended 29 bit identifier). I/O is through the PMC I/O connector (Pn4) and additionally through front panel D-Sub connectors on air-cooled level 1, 2 or 3 cards.

The provision of two independent CAN interfaces provides a high degree of flexibility in vehicle architecture design. For example one CAN bus may be used for fast control loops operating at 1 Mbit/s while the other bus is used for less demanding control loops utilizing nodes operating at a much lower bit rate. Alternatively two separate CAN busses may benefit determinism. One CAN network may be used exclusively for high priority hard real-time requirements with less critical components allocated to the other.

The on-board DSP56301 processor provides a cost effective PCI interface together with low level handling of the SJA1000 devices. The single clock per instruction DSP may also be used to provide enhanced support for future higher level protocols including services such as the generation of synchronization messages used in some deterministic protocols.

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