Interface Concept

Founded in 1987, INTERFACE CONCEPT designs and manufactures high-performance embedded boards and systems targeted at Aero, Defence and industrial markets.
The company offers a wide selection of COTS products, based on industrial standards (OpenVPX, VPX, cPCI, PCI, PMC...), and state-of-the-art technologies. IC provides its customers with a high-technical support and custom-design services.

Fast, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP Routers - ComEth range
Intel® Pentium, PowerPC™ Single Board Computers and FPGA processing boards - Premium range
2D/3D graphics and storage modules - I/O boards range
Open Multi-Serial communication platforms - Lines range

Thanks to its strong innovative spirit and expert R&D team, IC devises solutions at the forefront of embedded technologies. By partnering with the major actors such as Intel, Freescale, Xilinx, IC has gained a trustworthy reputation within the embedded marketplace.

Interface Concept develops its own-brand standard customizable COTS boards and systems. Interface Concept fully controls all the technologies necessary to build its innovative product offering, and help its customers to reduce their product Time-To-Market

All Interface Concept SBC, DSP and Front End Processing boards have a Vxworks BSP engineered by its R&D team, allowing customers to take full benefits from all the features of this Wind River product. By mastering all its firmware, Interface Concept can bring strong technical support to its customers.

In summary, Interface Concept:

  • delivers High-performance and top quality products, developed by an expert R&D team
  • ensures the design and the code integrity for all its firmware and software COTS products
  • together with Wind River provides strong and reliable technical support to the customer

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Interface Concept
3 Rue Felix Le Dantec, Quimper, France, 29000

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Aerospace & Defense

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