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ARC Brief: Virtualization and Industrial Control

In this white paper, Harry Forbes from ARC Advisory Group discusses how industrial manufacturing companies are breaking down the barriers to better manufacturing by adopting virtualization.

See this sample excerpt:

The industrial control systems (ICS) that automate production equipment in today’s factories and plants can also be a formidable barrier to modernization and flexibility. Manufacturers usually don’t modify these systems for years at a time because they were designed for a single purpose, and because they can be difficult and risky to modify or replace.

Manufacturers rely on automation system suppliers to support these products for many years, and support services for these systems is a $20 billion business, just counting the services of the top suppliers. Automation systems operate very much in the world of OT (operational technology), where change occurs very gradually, as opposed to IT (information technology), where change is far more rapid.

The slow evolution of ICS creates challenges for both manufacturers and automation suppliers.

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