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Light in the Fog: Managing the IoT Analytics Lifecycle

Combining Powerful Edge Computing with Remote Device Management to Optimize IoT Performance

As more and more IoT solutions have been developed and deployed, organizations have undergone a transformation in their thinking about the fundamental architecture of IoT. Originally, cloud-based systems collected and aggregated data from edge devices and sensors and stored it in a data "lake" for analysis over time. Organizations have since realized that it isn't practical to send all data to the cloud. In more and more instances, it makes sense to perform some level of analytics and initiate action at the point where and when the data is generated. Compute power is being pushed to the edge, enabling devices to more quickly process, analyze, and, in some cases, act upon data in real time. This creates a challenge for IoT solution developers and operators trying to manage, maintain, and update analytics models deployed to hundreds or even thousands of devices. Wind River has teamed with SAS to introduce a solution combining powerful edge-to-enterprise analytics with advanced remote device management to ensure optimal performance over the entire IoT deployment lifecycle.


  • Continually refine and improve overall solution performance
  • Integrate edge-to-enterprise analytics with advanced device management capabilities
  • Derive instant value from data in motion, for faster and more precise insights, decisions and action