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Service Capability and Performance Certification

Wind River is proud to announce that we have achieved Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Support Standard recertification for delivering world-class customer support. The SCP program quantifies the effectiveness of high-tech support and establishes the highest service-quality benchmark based on a stringent set of performance standards for all IT services support centers and help desks.

The SCP Support Standard is designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of support, field service, and professional service operations. A consortium of leading technology companies along with Service Strategies Corporation created the internationally recognized standards, which define best practices, quantify performance levels, and establish a foundation to continuously improve business processes. Achieving certification under the standards requires comprehensive audits and annual recertification to confirm that companies continue to meet the requirements defined by the standards.

SCP Audit Process
Achieving certification under the SCP Support Standard requires comprehensive onsite audits to confirm that companies meet the requirements of more than 100 business elements essential to delivering top-quality service and support. SCP standards measure factors such as corporate commitment and strategy, customer satisfaction, performance metrics, research and development interface, and other strategic areas of the service and support operation. Certified companies must continue to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and high-performance standards through annual recertification audits.

Wind River's Commitment to Quality
SCP certification is the outcome of our commitment to delivering—and continuously improving—our top-quality customer support. This commitment is further demonstrated by our post-support customer satisfaction surveys, proactive status communication, advanced support request management tools, and ongoing quality-improvement program. By again meeting the stringent benchmarks of SCP certification, Wind River continues to demonstrate the consistent, best practices support that the device software industry requires.