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Development Tools for Embedded Virtualization

Application development on virtualized targets requires symbolic visibility into guest memory partitions and inter-guest communication constructs as well as the ability to create multi-OS system images from the same development suite. This presents new development challenges that are unmet by the majority of today’s tools: Single-OS development tools do not provide complete debug visibility into virtualized targets that are running multiple operating systems and require inter-core, inter-OS communication or memory sharing mechanisms.

What's Our Embedded Virtualization Solution?

Wind River provides a completely integrated toolchain designed for end-to-end development and debugging of virtualized embedded targets.

A Platform for Embedded Virtualization Development

A Platform for Embedded Virtualization Development

The industry-leading Wind River VxWorks platform and Wind River Linux offer unmatched integration with Wind River Hypervisor and guest operating system performance.

Wind River doesn't stop at providing only an embedded hypervisor or guest operating systems. Wind River Workbench development suite and JTAG debugger are integrated with Wind River Hypervisor, VxWorks, and Wind River Linux.

Development of virtualized embedded targets requires tools that are aware of the virtualization layer, the physical board, the guest operating systems, and the virtualization constructs that create and enforce the virtualization layer, such as inter-guest communication mechanisms, physical memory partitioning and device access models, and the ability to graphically configure and validate a board.

By integrating the guest operating systems with the hypervisor and the debugging tools, Wind River has created a powerful platform for developing virtualized embedded products—greatly reducing development and troubleshooting efforts.

Why We Uniquely Qualify to Be Your Embedded Virtualization Supplier

Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive embedded device and virtualization development portfolio. Our solutions support multiple architectures, including Intel, Power, ARM, and MIPS and are supported by outstanding professional services and customer support, hardware integration expertise, and a thriving partner ecosystem.

We are uniquely qualified to help you master the challenges of building smart, connected devices.