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Wind River Solutions for Medical

medicalVirtually every aspect of the medical equipment market is accelerating. Shorter life spans for medical electronics; convergence of consumer features and mobile health care features; faster development time frames for new features and new versions; and ever higher performance requirements are disruptive factors challenging all medical device developers. In addition to technology trends, there is a clear shift toward leasing/pay-per-use business models. This change is driving new connectivity, safety and security requirements, as well as new life cycle management requirements.

Wind River has responded with a unique combination of tools, technologies, and services—all designed to accelerate performance and time-to-market while helping you cut costs, consolidate hardware, and increase your products' stability, safety, and security. The results: more cost-effective implementations and more units deployed across more hospitals and surgeries, in less time, for less money.

What's Our Solution?

Only Wind River solutions combine the following:

  • Proven real-time technologies: Many medical devices require a proven and deterministic platform solution. Wind River VxWorks with VxWorks Cert can support customers with its rich features such as graphics and communication stacks, determinism, and world-class support-delivering significant time-to-market advantages while protecting investments. VxWorks Cert with the IEC 61508 certification evidence package provides tremendous advantages for customers required to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Class 1, 2, and 3 equipment types or the newly released IEC 62304 medical software life cycle standard.
  • Multi-core technology: Multi-core has emerged as the key to meeting new safety standards, adding new features in a short time frame, and consolidating systems for cost and space savings-and Wind River has emerged as the leader in multi-core technology for medical equipment. With Wind River multi-core solutions you can do more with less hardware in less time; so you can cut costs and comply with standards without compromising on quality.
  • Virtualization: Wind River Hypervisor allows developers to leverage multiple operating systems in a single device so they can expand and enhance device functionality. It opens up new opportunities for cost savings through hardware consolidation. It facilitates the adoption of multi-core processors by increasing reliability and reducing risk; and it provides the new software configuration options required to architect next-generation medical equipment.
  • Supported, validated Linux: All too often, medical equipment developers attempt to cobble together free Linux distributions rather than choose a supported commercial offering. Wind River provides a stable Linux distribution that is standards-compliant and provides indemnification, documentation, and world-class support. In combination with Wind River Hypervisor technology, Wind River Linux makes it possible to consolidate Linux and real-time operating systems at the software layer, allowing safety-critical and non-safety applications to run on the same hardware platform. Mobile health care applications defined by FDA Class 1 categorized equipment will benefit from this solutions concept.