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Wind River Solutions for Power and Energy

Power and EnergyThe "smart grid" has been promoted as a path to energy independence, a solution to global warming, and a key to dramatic efficiency gains and cost savings. But achieving the promise of the smart grid will require smarter energy delivery systems, equipment, and devices. And for developers of this smart-grid infrastructure, Wind River can provide a decisive advantage.

Wind River is the one company that has the experience, expertise, proven product lines, and service and support capabilities to help customers build toward the smart grid vision. We offer the full spectrum of resources to meet the emerging requirements for safety, high availability, and security. We provide the tools, technologies, and best practices to deliver cost-effective, scalable, and connected control equipment. Our tools and technologies are flexible enough to be deployed in a wide array of power and energy solutions—from building automation and electrical systems to HVDC Light/wind-park connections to substation automation and power plant automation.

What's Our Solution?

Only Wind River solutions combine the following:

  • Proven real-time technologies: To meet increasingly demanding requirements for performance and reliability, many power and energy systems and devices must be built on a foundation of a proven and deterministic platform solution. Wind River VxWorks with VxWorks Cert can support customers with its rich features such as graphics and communication stacks, determinism, and world-class support, delivering significant time-to-market advantages while protecting investments.
  • Multi-core technology: Multi-core has emerged as the key to meeting new safety standards, adding new features in a short time frame, and consolidating systems for cost and space savings. And Wind River has emerged as the leader in multi-core technology for power and energy. With Wind River multi-core solutions you can do more with less hardware in less time, so you can cut costs and comply with standards without compromising on quality.
  • Safety competence: Wind River brings considerable experience and expertise with safety standards to the table, including competence with aerospace and defense standards such as DO-178B and process and control automation standards such as IEC 61508. And our safety solutions are able to meet nuclear power verification and test requirements as specified by the IEC 60880 standards specifying software category "A" functions. Our service teams can customize a solution to your specific requirements and support you virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Virtualization: Wind River Hypervisor allows developers to leverage multiple operating systems in a single device so they can expand and enhance device functionality. It opens up new opportunities for cost savings through hardware consolidation. It facilitates the adoption of multi-core processors by increasing reliability and reducing risk. It provides the new software configuration options required to architect next-generation power and energy systems.