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Wind River Solutions for Control and Process Automation

Control and Process AutomationCost pressures created by an economic downturn are a challenge—and an opportunity—for developers of control and process automation systems. In process automation and robotics, the competitive single device is not enough anymore, as the focus is moving to the management of the whole plant. This raises new requirements for life cycle management and service as well as new business models such as feature-on-demand and pay-per-use.

With the standardization of PLCs and SCADA systems, as well as the maturing market of frequency inverters and servo drives, cost pressure is driving device consolidation. Adding the snowballing pressure for safety based on IEC 61508 and derived standards, differentiation now depends on getting all these functions and regulatory requirements into the most "green" and cost-effective form factor, while maintaining quality and serviceability.

Wind River is the one company that has the combination of experience and leading-edge products to help you take full advantage of new opportunities. A proven and trusted supplier to the control and process automation market for almost 30 years, Wind River has the expertise to help you meet your technical and financial objectives—and comply with all safety and security requirements—consistently and predictably. Together with the leading partners of industrial connectivity, Wind River is uniquely positioned to speed time-to-market and meet the most stringent quality requirements.

What's Our Solution?

Only Wind River solutions combine the following:

  • Proven real-time technologies: To meet increasingly demanding requirements for performance and reliability, many control and process automation systems must be built on a foundation of a proven and deterministic platform solution. Wind River VxWorks with VxWorks Cert can support customers with its rich features such as graphics and communication stacks, determinism, and world-class support, delivering significant time-to-market advantages while protecting investments.
  • Multi-core technology: Multi-core has emerged as the key to meeting new safety standards, adding new features in a short time frame, and consolidating systems for cost and space savings. Wind River has emerged as the leader in multi-core technology. For the first time in this industry, a convenient and maintainable technology can be provided to consolidate SCADA requirements with real-time connectivity and industrial safety and security on a single device, optimizing the cost of goods sold with unmatched time-to-market. With Wind River multi-core solutions you can do more with less hardware in less time, so you can cut costs and comply with standards without compromising on quality.
  • Safety competence: Wind River brings considerable experience and expertise with safety standards to the table. With a strong technology and partner offering in IEC 61508 and derived standards, as well as a long and successful history with aerospace and defense standards such as DO-178B, Wind River is the perfect partner for an end-to-end solution that minimizes risk and cost and meets the requirements of the most stringently regulated projects.
  • Virtualization: Wind River Hypervisor allows developers to leverage multiple operating systems in a single device so they can expand and enhance device functionality. It opens up new opportunities for cost savings through hardware consolidation. It facilitates the adoption of multi-core processors by increasing reliability and reducing risk. And it provides the new software configuration options required to architect next-generation transportation systems. In essence, Wind River has reinvented virtualization for the process automation and control market, where time and space separation are mandatory to ensure the coexistence of highly deterministic motion control with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), safety and machine visualization, and SCADA-based systems.