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Platform Enabling Services

Wind River Platform Enabling Services leverage our unique blend of skills, contacts, knowledge, intellectual property, flexible resources, design process, and project management methodology to help you achieve the best value from your Wind River platform solutions. Whether your team is challenged by product specification, board bring-up, middleware integration, project management, or full product realization, Wind River Professional Services offers co-sourced expertise to help you reach market on time and on budget, with a product that meets or exceeds the expectations of your clients.

Our engineers are dedicated to helping Wind River customers optimize the device development process, from jump-starting your development team on Wind River products to isolating and overcoming project-threatening obstacles. Product Enabling Services offerings include:

Product Realization
Sometimes you need more than Wind River products to turn a great idea into a great device. You may also need additional skills, experience, and extra hands on deck to bring your idea to market in a timely and cost-effective way. You may even require a complete product development system—people, process, and technology—to fulfill your design aspirations.

More than 140 highly skilled device engineers stand ready to help you succeed. Wind River can work shoulder-to-shoulder with your own team until your product is released to manufacturing, meets all necessary certifications, and has proven its mettle with your clients. Imagine handing off the parts of your project that squander your development time and talent to a team you trust.

When you're hard-pressed to pursue new markets or new products aggressively with your current resource pool, trying to assemble and manage a team of contractors can cause more problems than it solves. Instead, take advantage of the cohesive hardware, software, and project management capabilities of Wind River Professional Services.

Product Development
At times, a customer may present us with a napkin sketch and request that we carry it from concept to the marketplace. Whether you're a startup without the engineering staff to realize your product vision, or an experienced device developer turning in a new direction, we have the skills and experience you need at every stage of the product development life cycle.

Our team can supplement your resources, add needed skill sets, speed mastery of required tools and technologies, and help you beat inflexible deadlines. You may want to assign us the part of the project that makes your plate too full. Or you can simply hand us the napkin. Either way, Wind River Professional Services can help you realize a superior product on time and within budget, with all the features you require.

Board Support Packages
Reliable products build from the bottom up. Writing a Board Support Package (BSP) requires developers to understand the hardware components of the target system, the data flow, interrupt and memory maps, and, in some cases, the microprocessor assembly language. A completed BSP not only initializes the target system hardware, but also provides function calls that enable higher layers of software to communicate with low-level system components. Errors made at this critical level quickly compound throughout the system. They can keep it from working at all, or cause problems downstream that cost valuable time to find and fix.

Wind River Professional Services has a dedicated team of BSP experts to help you build your project on a solid foundation. We maintain an extensive knowledge base, and our engineers constantly share tips, tricks, and best practices with one another—all to the benefit of your development team.

Let your engineers spend their time where it counts most. Wind River creates hundreds of custom BSPs and drivers every year. Our BSP experts can analyze your custom hardware and create the software package you need to optimize both your development process and the behavior of your deployed device, leaving your team free to concentrate on building that killer application.

Platform Customization
Wind River platforms are designed to facilitate most device development projects, most of the time. But what if your needs go beyond what's built into a platform? What if you want to integrate third-party middleware? Is it possible to meld your proprietary technology with our platforms? What if you need protocol extensions or architecture customizations?

Wind River Professional Services has the answer to all of these questions: We customize our product to help you build yours. In the last 20+ years, we have accumulated several lifetimes' worth of device development experience, a vast stockpile of intellectual property, and the insight into available partners, products, and technologies that only seasoned veterans have. This deep industry experience forms the foundation of our customization services.

Our platforms provide a wealth of well-integrated technology. Not only can we help you assess what modifications to our technology will be most efficient in helping you realize your goals, but we also know how to put them into practice without creating problems in other areas. Wind River can modify our middleware, integrate yours or a third party's, or help to create custom intellectual property to provide the functionality you need.

Engineering Support
Developing a device from scratch is a long, complex, costly process. No engineer, no matter how expert, is equally adept at every phase of the product development cycle. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to spend your time working on lower-level tasks. At other times, you may just need a fresh set of eyes. The technology changes too fast. The deadlines are too tight. The team you have to work with may be too lean. When the ship date is closer than you'd like, it's time to call on Wind River Professional Services for engineering support.

Whether the snags holding up your project involve silicon drivers, writing the BSP, getting the target hardware to run, debugging, or QA, Wind River's field engineers know what to do. Every day, they face new problems. They compare notes and trade information with each other, with clients, and with our partners all the time. They "solve" 500 cases a year. They understand the pressure you are under, and they know how to quickly align with your team.

Installation and Orientation Services
You've chosen a Wind River product to get your device development off to a quick start. Don't let unfamiliarity with installation procedures or the platform delay the start of your project, especially when you face tight deadlines. During this critical ramp-up period, call Wind River for our one-day Installation and Orientation session. This service provides an experienced Wind River engineer who comes to your place of business, installs your new software, and helps your staff get up to speed on the components of the platform.

We can answer questions now to circumvent anticipated problems, so they won't become project-stoppers later. Our Installation and Orientation Services can save your engineers from weeks of unproductive development time later in the development process.

In the course of your one-day Installation and Orientation, your Wind River consulting engineer will:

  • Inventory your Wind River delivery
  • Install your Wind River product on at least one of your machines
  • Conduct basic orientation on the development tools, run-time components, and sample target code
  • Give your engineers the information and support they need to be productive right away
  • Introduce your team to available support resources: Wind River Online Support, TSRs, patch downloads, updates, Education Services, and Professional Services

Workbench Services
Whether you select Wind River Workbench, the industry-leading device software development suite, as a standalone product or as part of our platform solutions-Wind River Professional Services knows how to jump-start your development efforts. Even if you opt for a different Linux distribution, host operating system, or target architecture, we can help. No matter which development environment you use, Wind River Professional Services can extend Workbench to adapt to your needs with the following offerings:

  • Extend Workbench processor support
  • Extend Workbench target OS support
  • Validate Workbench on Linux host environment
  • Validate Eclipse plug-ins
  • Integrate agents

Please visit the Workbench Services page for details.