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Digital Video and STB Design and Integration Services

Wind River Professional Services has an extensive track record in digital video design, development, and integration services. Our legacy began as Doctor Design®, acquired by Wind River in 1999, and continues to expand. Today, our track record includes more than 50 set-top box (STB) product designs for some of the leading STB manufacturers. Our broad experience and commercial-grade project management ensure the high level of quality you require, while our strong relationships with market leaders both enhance the solutions we deliver and speed your time-to-revenue.

Our clients often choose to co-source development activities that don't add differentiating value or that they don't consider core competencies. By moving these activities to a partner like Wind River Professional Services, you can optimize your resources by focusing them on product value-adds and differentiation.

Wind River's digital video résumé includes:

  • Satellite, cable, IP set-top boxes (STBs)
  • Digital TV
  • Personal video recorders (PVRs)
  • Home media appliances
  • Head-end equipment

Why Wind River


Our experience with set-top-box-focused silicon stretches widely across vendors and deep within their product lines. This history assures you of accurate abstraction and board support.

Vendor Core Model
Broadcom MIPS BCM7111, BCM7312, BCM7038, BCM7318,BCM7031, BCM7040,BCM7134, BCM3350
Conexant ARM Reference platform
IBM PowerPC STB3xxx, STB4xxx
Philips MIPS Nexperia platform
Sigma Designs ARM 8620, 8622
STM ST20/ST40 STi-5500, STi5505, STi5516, STi5517, STi5518, STi5528, STi3520, STi7000, STi71000, ST20TP1/TP2


Wind River offers broad expertise in porting and integrating leading middleware solutions into our clients' set-top box products:

  • Liberate
  • Nagravision
  • OpenTV Core


Wind River has proven experience with a broad spectrum of accepted and emerging standards, so you can rest assured of meeting requirements for current industry standards.

  • ARIB: Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (Japan)
  • ATSC: Advanced Television Systems Committee
  • DASE: Digital TV Application Software Environment
  • DVB: Digital Video Broadcasting /S, /T, /C
  • ISDB: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (Japan)
  • MHP: Multimedia Home Platform
  • OCAP: OpenCable Applications Platform

Digital Video Design Services

Wind River Professional Services provides a solutions-based approach that gives you the flexibility to deploy our capabilities according to your exact needs. We can deliver a complete system design from concept to product realization—or, if you have specific gaps in your development cycle or expertise, we can help fill them using our digital video design and integration expertise, processes, or technologies.

System Development

  • System design
  • Requirements discovery and definition
  • Hardware abstraction
  • Middleware integration
  • Production qualification and testing
Hardware Development
  • Schematic capture and layout
  • Reference design migration to product
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Prototype fab and assembly
  • Compliance testing
Application Development
  • Electronic program guide
  • Interactive TV
  • Pay-per-view systems
  • Media management
  • GUI implementation
  • Network security
  • Wireless networking support integration
  • Performance and size optimization

Shared Success

We have helped many of the leading providers in digital video attain their current positions in the market, including semiconductor providers, STB designers and manufacturers, digital video middleware producers, and digital video content distributors. Our broad spectrum of clients allows you to leverage the industry's deepest digital video design and integration expertise, helping speed time-to-revenue for your latest development project.

Contact Us

Wind River Professional Services enables our clients to get the most out of Wind River products and solutions, so many prefer to collaborate with us throughout the entire development life cycle. Wind River Digital Video Services employs world-class staff, processes, and technologies to deliver value, quality, and results. For more information or to have a sales representative contact you, please call us at 1-800-545-9463 or send us a request for more information.


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