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The Platform Design Impacts of Migrating Critical Applications to On-Premises Infrastructure
and/or Public Clouds

The mass adoption of virtualized services for critical infrastructure applications is driving a major shift in the design requirements of the underlying software platforms that support service delivery. One of the most visible changes is the adoption of virtualized software platforms that ensure ultra-low latency performance for near-real-time applications such as industrial control, connected cars, and the telecom network edge.

Whether deployed in on-premises infrastructure or private clouds, these software platforms now transcend the telco domain and will require the adoption of new security software design methodologies to meet the diverse and complex needs of securing critical services in multiple industries.

This web seminar will explain the complex requirements associated with securing critical infrastructure applications, including the dynamic patching and operational management design tradeoffs of software virtualization platforms.

  • Jim Hodges
    Principal Analyst – Cloud and Security, Heavy Reading
  • Charlie Ashton
    Senior Director, Business Development, Wind River

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Specific topics include:
  • Emerging business opportunities in telecom, automotive and industrial control markets
  • Leveraging 5G beyond telecom
  • Security challenges for virtualized services in critical infrastructure
  • A use case that captures the benefits of implementing a virtualization platform optimized for critical infrastructure