Learn the latest threats to your embedded systems and how to protect against them — even when attackers have already struck.

On-Demand Web Seminar

The number of security flaws published last year made 2020 the fourth consecutive year to break records in the number of recorded vulnerabilities (US-CERT Vulnerability Database). We must change how we think about securing embedded systems.

Join Wind River® for a discussion of the current threat landscape and a look at 10 principles that can achieve a multiplicative effect in helping your organization protect embedded systems.

You will learn:
  • The modern threat landscape for embedded systems

  • Why it’s impossible to always keep all attackers out

  • How to protect a system that an attacker has already breached

  • 10 fundamental and essential properties of secure embedded systems

  • Michael Ring,
    Regional Sales Director,
    Wind River
  • Michael Mehlberg,
    Sales and Marketing,
    Wind River

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