Wind River Corporate Profile

In a world increasingly driven by software innovation, Wind River® is pioneering the technologies to accelerate digital transformation across industries and advance mission-critical intelligent systems with the highest standards for safety, security, performance, and reliability.

Wind River operates on the fundamental belief that some things are so important they simply cannot fail; this is why we exist. This belief imparts vital energy and urgency into our work and the way we operate, execute, and respond. For four decades, Wind River has helped the world’s leading technology companies power generation after generation of the safest, most secure devices in the world. And in a new era of autonomy and connectivity, Wind River continues to lead the way. Our software runs the “can’t fail” computing systems of the most important modern infrastructure, including aircraft, rail, automobiles, medical devices, manufacturing plants, energy and utilities, and communications networks. Our technology is in billions of devices throughout the world and is backed by our industry-leading professional services, award-winning customer support, and robust partner ecosystem.

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