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Learn to Turn Weeks into Minutes with Simics Simulation

Wind River® Simics gives you complete control over even the most complex systems in ways that are simply impossible with physical hardware—freeze it, save it, restore it, and run it again just as if you'd never stopped it. With this level of control it takes only a trivial amount of effort to isolate and reproduce bugs—so fixing them is a snap. View our on-demand web seminar to learn how.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Simics simulations to control and debug all software components of a system at once.
  • Debug time-sensitive interrupt-driven, parallel, heterogeneous, and distributed systems from a single window.
  • Debug operating systems and user-level code in the same way, from the same debugger.
  • Use checkpoints to capture, package, and transport bugs between groups, providing perfect bug reproduction.
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Presented by
Jakob Engblom
Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Wind River

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