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Wind River Pulsar Linux for Advantech UTX-3115 Gateway System

Intel Atom x86

Certified on the Advantech UTX-3115 Gateway System, Wind River® Pulsar Linux is a small, secure Linux OS for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The best part? Pulsar is available at no cost.

Advantech UTX-3115 Gateway System

The UTX-3115 IoT gateway is an industrial-grade system that is easy to implement for embedded applications such as smart cities, smart energy, industrial automation, and general information systems.

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“For future IoT markets, the diversity of applications is driving the need for a new series of intelligent and integrated solutions. By using Advantech’s secure and certified UTX gateway platforms equipped with Wind River Pulsar Linux, this will increase the value of pervasiveness across the rapidly expanding IoT space.”

—Miller Chang, President of Embedded IoT, Advantech