Abaco Systems
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Abaco Systems today announced an upgrade to the recently-announced SBC3511 3U VPX single board computer, which now features the 9th generation i7 6-core Intel ®Xeon® E-2276ME processor (‘Coffee Lake Refresh’) operating at 2.8GHz (with turbo mode up to 4.4GHz). The processor is specifically designed for the specific demands of embedded applications. The SBC3511 offers a 40GigE data plane for alignment with the SOSA™ (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) 3U I/O-intensive SBC plug-in card profile as well as with the CMOSS suite of standards. The SBC3511 supports up to 32Gbytes of DDR4 memory, and is equipped with a 64GByte NVMe SSD. Connectivity includes USB 3.1/2.0, DisplayPort™, SATA, GPIO and COM. An XMC site is provided for further functional expansion. The SBC3511 is available in a range of air- and conduction cooled build levels with extended temperature capability up to 85°C. Support for Windows®, Linux®and VxWorks® is provided.